Hanging On The DJ Booth released July 1st on Compost Black Label

[caption id=”attachment_1028″ align=”aligncenter” width=”520″]Hanging On The DJ Booth 1 Hanging On The DJ Booth 1[/caption]

Hanging On THe DJ Booth 2

Hanging On THe DJ Booth 2


King Britt - Always great to see Christian Prommer promos, because they are a brand of quality. This is right up my alley of classy, sexy house music. Driving and irresistable. Bravo man!

Mad Mats – I love when Mr Prommer goes jazzy :)

Simon Dunmore  – Tob der Baer is ace. Thanks
Tensnake - Marimba is a big favourite, thank you.
Jimpster – Yeah, super solid EP all round but Marimba is stealing the show for me. Love these kind of tracks that if you drop at the right time they really work some magic. this is a beauty.
Hector Romero – Always quality – lovely EP for the summer and beyond
Diesel – Marimba is a killer!!!!! Big support from X-Press 2 at club & radio show on Ministry Radio
Danny Krivit – I like Tob Der Baer,
Charles Webster – Hanging is excellent..thnx v much…will play 4 sure
Mark Farina – What a refreshing promo to come across. Excellent sonic tapestry, flourishes where appropriate yet not overstated. A fine selection.
Simbad -  Yes Christian !!! Phatness ! :-)
Reboot – Tob der Baer!
Laurent Garnier – pure class as always
Tedd Patterson –  Delicious. One of the best offerings from Prommer in a while. Glad it’s with you! Full support! All cuts.



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