New Groove La Chord Remixes for Drumlesson Zwei

Next up this fall are the remixes of the Aril Brikhas tune “Groove La Chord”. The Drumlesson version is on my CD “Drumlesson Zwei”. The remxies are the winners of the “Tracks and Fields-Christian Prommer-Drumlesson Zwei-Remix Compoetition”. Great work.

Christian Prommer “Groove La Chord Remixes”
Groove La Chord (Original)
Groove La Chord (Broken Reform Remix)
Groove La Chord (Peter Pozorek Remix)
Groove La Chord (Pernau Remix)
Groove La Chord – Remixes by christianprommer
Release date: 21st September 2010 on !K7 Records

Published Sep 8th, 2010  /  Category: New Music, Updates